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Give Your Cabinets a Whole New Look

If you’d like to change up your cabinets, there’s a good chance a replacement has been on your mind. However, that’s not your only option. Premier Painting, LLC offers a cabinet refinishing service that allows you to transform the look of your cabinets and upgrade the interior of your home with ease. 

We take old bare wood or oak cabinets and revive them with a quality product and system to get amazing results without having to replace them. Let us guide you through the process of making your kitchen look amazing!

Our Cabinet Refinishing Services

When it comes to cabinet refinishing, we offer everything you need to get the job done right. Some of our services include cabinet painting, cabinet staining, and much more. You name it, and we can help. Let’s work together to transform your cabinets and make them everything you envision.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Projects

Check out some of our recent cabinet refinishing projects.

Cabinet Painting Process

• Staging

All of the cabinets get disassembled and labeled to be staged in a prep booth in either the client’s garage, living room, or offsite location. All hardware gets removed and staged in a safe area. We can install new hardware and fill existing holes to accommodate the new styles of hardware if requested.

• Prepping Booths

When the entire kitchen and work areas get masked off completely, we create a staging area with a dry rack system to hang the doors while they cure. We have a spray booth in a separate location where we paint all of the doors. We separate these locations to ensure a proper finish on the painted doors and drawers and eliminate the chance of overspray accumulating on drying products. 

• Surface Prep

All barewood surfaces get sanded prior to primer application. The grain of the wood will determine how much filler will be applied and sanded before primer application. The clear coat and stain will determine the amount of sanding necessary and the time it will take to be ready for primer.

• Primer Application

This process is essential to getting a proper bond for your top coat application. We use quality oil-based primers to seal into the wood and block tannins from bleeding through. This process also exposes other imperfections that need to be filled and sanded again before the final product is applied.

• Caulking

The products being used will determine how much caulking you should have applied to your cabinets. Most cabinet boxes will be caulked to the wall, assuming the gaps are appropriate, and the doors will also be caulked if we are using Hybrid Enamel Urethanes. If we use water-based lacquers, we tend to avoid caulking the doors as this product dries much harder, has less flex to it, and can crack prematurely over time due to the movement of the doors.

• Paint Application

For in-home cabinet painting processes, we always use water-based top coats. This is much less invasive for the homeowner and allows for a much easier process. We can use pigmented lacquers, but the smell and off-gassing are much more intense for the average homeowner. We hang all of our doors and drawers during the spray process to avoid overspray accumulating on the back side of the doors or drawers. We apply two coats using a spray application on all cabinet surfaces. This produces a quality finish that can truly make your cabinets stand out from the rest of the home!

Things to Consider for Your Cabinet Refinishing Project

  • We will need to take over your kitchen during the cabinet refinishing process. However, rest assured that we will establish designated work areas (spray booth and staging area) so that you can still get to where you need to go without worry. We are also respectful of your time, space, and belongings.
  • While it’s a great investment, cabinet refinishing is a time-consuming project that is more expensive than some of our other services. If you are interested in getting your cabinets refinished, let us know, and we’re happy to meet with you and see if this service is right for you.
  • Communication is everything during the cabinet refinishing process. If you have any specific requests, please let us know so that we can make them happen.

Why Choose Premier Painting, LLC?

Premier Painting, LLC is a qualified local painting contractor with expertise in cabinet refinishing and other painting services. We show great attention to detail during the painting process, ensuring the end result is everything you hope it to be. In addition to being detail-oriented, we pride ourselves on our quality standards and exceptional communication skills.

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