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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a New Exterior Paint Job

Nothing elevates your home’s curb appeal more than a new paint job, that’s where our residential exterior services come in. At Premier Painting, LLC, we aim to provide Portland homeowners with quality painting services and unmatched customer service that make you feel confident in your choice of an exterior painting contractor.

Whether you’re looking to give the paint a refresh or try a new color altogether, we’re here to help. Our professional painters can provide a color consultation and get your new paint job started in no time.

Our Residential Exterior Services

We are proud to offer the following exterior services:

Full Exterior Repaints

Change the look of your home with our exterior repainting service. Our dedicated team of painters use high-quality paints to ensure a beautiful finish without sacrificing durability.

Cabin/Home Staining

Bring out the warmth and character of your cabin or home with our staining service. It’s not just about looks. We take measures to protect and highlight your wood, ensuring it stands up against the weather, all while looking stunning.

Door Refinishing

Our refinishing service is perfect if you want to change the color of your door. We show careful attention to detail and strive to create an unforgettable result.

Carpentry and Repair for Exterior

• Hardi Plank Siding Replacement

Hardi Plank systems are known to be the most resilient to peeling and rot, but they still have their flaws. Recognizing cracked siding, excessive face nailed application causing cracks on the edges, and improper butt joint seams all play a part in your siding’s performance and longevity. We can assess and take care of all proper replacement needs before your home gets painted.

• Cedar Siding Replacement

There are many homes with cedar siding with all types of designs and applications. In most cases, we tend to find at least some form of dry rot or failing trim when estimating homes that are in need of full repaints. This could be from improper flashing and siding installation, neglected maintenance, or old age. We use quality pre-primed cedar for all of our siding and trim replacement and can take care of any further issues needed to get your home ready for paint.

• Sheathing and Framing Repairs

In some cases, when removing existing siding, we come across dry rot or excess water intrusion on the sheathing of your home. Having to replace the sheathing or even the framing from water intrusion can be an extensive process. We always explain the best options to addressing these issues prior to moving forward and use quality products and application processes to give our customers the best results.

• Window Replacement

During trim and siding replacements, there are many times when we have to replace the windows due to failed seals and excessive water intrusion. We use quality Vycor and house wrap material for all rough openings and install proper flashing systems over your trim to produce the best results for your home repair.

Our Exterior Painting & Repair Projects

View some of our recent exterior paint jobs.

Exterior Prep and Paint Process

Painting your home exterior is one of the best ways to upgrade your curb appeal and extend the life of your existing siding. Premier Painting, LLC has been upgrading Portland home exteriors for years, and we know the key features that make an exterior paint job stand out.

• Exterior Washing

Prior to any painting, priming, or surface prep, the home exterior will be pressure washed accordingly. This includes the faces of all gutters and downspouts. The type and condition of siding will determine the best way to wash your home. We make it a priority to be careful of all soffit vents, roof surfaces, and windows so we do not damage anything during the process.

• Masking

Masking and prep are two of the most important details when painting a home exterior. We make sure to cover all windows, plants, light fixtures, roof areas, brick, concrete, and surrounding items to ensure no overspray adheres to any unpainted surfaces. We usually ask that all cars are moved from the driveway to extend the distance from the areas being painted with a spray application.

• Prep Work

Any bubbling or peeling paint on the home exterior will be scraped accordingly. Any dry rot on the siding or trim will be addressed and repaired upon request.

• Priming

All barewood surfaces will be primed with an oil-based primer to ensure a proper surface for the latex paint to adhere to and will help block stains from bleeding through. In many cases, with older siding, we will apply another coat of primer called Peel Bond, which acts as a liquid caulking and helps seal those rougher areas not getting replaced.

• Caulking

After surface prep and priming, it’s essential that you caulk all open seams that need to be filled using an oil-based caulking. This ensures that when the siding expands and contracts throughout the year, the caulking will not be as susceptible to cracking and exposing previous joints. This also helps keep the exterior envelope sealed, minimizing unnecessary airflow and moisture intrusion.

• Paint Application

After all surface areas have been prepped, we apply two coats of premium exterior paint using a spray application on all siding surfaces and brush and roll two coats on all trim surfaces. This process can vary depending on the type of home and style of siding.

Considerations for Your Exterior Paint Project

  • Working with outside conditions (e.g., humidity, wind, moisture content, and temperature) affect the process of painting the exterior of your home. Some products are more moisture-resistant for the Northwest, but we still have to take into account that not all products are.
  • Oil primers and caulking work the best in warmer temperatures with less moisture content in the air. If you have a home with excessive peeling and wood exposed, it’s safer to have your project completed during the warmer months when the moisture content is lower, especially at night. You can still use most oil-based caulking products in the colder months, but it can take significantly longer to dry.
  • Choosing paint colors for your home can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Premier Painting, LLC is always happy to assist in choosing colors and suggests getting test colors applied to your home before making a final decision. We recommend staying away from green colors that have a lot of organic colorant in them, which results in premature failure and fading from sun exposure. We also suggest using a satin sheen on most siding types, which gives the surface a nice shine and is much easier to clean over time.

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Premier Painting, LLC is a highly rated exterior painting contractor that knows how to get the job done – and done right. If you need a dependable contractor who shows attention to detail, great quality, and good communication, we’re the place to call.

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