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At Premier Painting, LLC, we pride ourselves on using high-end paints, finishes, and materials to provide an exceptional painting experience for your business. We maintain attention to detail from start to finish and take precautions to keep your business safe during the painting process. 

We realize you have options when it comes to painting contractors, but we assure you that when it comes to timeliness and quality of service, Premier Painting, LLC is second to none. Need a reliable painter? Reach out to us today.

Our Commercial Painting Services

We are here to assist with all of your commercial painting needs. Our services include:

Interior Painting

Liven up your commercial space with our interior painting service, designed to reflect your brand and business. Our painters will work with you to paint on a timeline that works for you so that business can go on as normal.

Exterior Painting

The outside of your building is many people’s first impression. Let us step in and paint the exterior to provide an upscale, modern look that best reflects your business.

Our Commercial Painting Projects

See some of our recent commercial painting projects.

Interior Prep and Paint Process

• Job Site Preparation

Prior to any painting, priming, or surface prep, the home or workspace will be masked off accordingly to ensure sufficient protection of all areas.

• Furniture, Fixtures, and Surface Protection

Preserving your belongings located inside of your home is our main priority. We will carefully move and cover furniture, fixtures, cabinetry, floors, windows, and appliances to shield them from any potential overspray or roller drips from the paint application. The steps we take during this process ensures that your space remains protected throughout the entire process.

• Taping and Masking Edges

This step is essential for maintaining a professional and premium appearance before and after paint application. Applying clean, straight tape lines during the masking process ensures a clean-looking job site and leaves the finished product with razor-sharp edges.

• Repair and Patching

Addressing imperfections is key to achieving a proper surface for paint application. Our skilled team will meticulously patch and repair any cracks, holes, or blemishes to ensure a proper surface for primer or paint application.

• Surface Cleaning

A clean canvas is essential for the perfect paint job. We achieve this by sanding and filling any holes.  Along with thoroughly cleaning the surfaces to remove any dust, dirt and debris prior to priming or painting.

• Priming for Adhesion

We apply high-quality oil or water based primers to create a smooth uniformed base that blocks staining while enhancing the durability and longevity of the paint job.

• Caulking

To achieve clean lines and prevent open seams, we use premium caulks to seal gaps around trim, baseboards, and other painted surfaces. Using quality oil or water-based caulking ensures durability during expansion and contraction, and it lasts much longer than cheaper off-brand products.

• Ventilation and Environment Control

We take measures to ensure optimal ventilation during the painting process. Proper airflow expedites drying times and contributes to a cleaner indoor environment. We also control environmental factors, such as humidity, to achieve optimal paint performance. We use both air movers and air scrubbers to circulate air throughout the process, which in return, maintains quality control in each project.

• Paint Application

• Trim Painting

Two coats of either an enamel trim paint or hybrid Enamel Urethane trim paint are applied using a spray application to ensure a smooth and consistent finish. Depending on the job site expectations and conditions, when having to brush or roll trim, we use lighter trim paints with better self-leveling properties to still maintain a good finish after completion.

• Ceiling Painting

During full interior paint projects, we almost always paint ceilings using a spay application. If we are doing smaller projects or just ceiling paint jobs, we will brush and roll these surfaces. Ceilings are always painted first during the painting process, and the application will be determined by each job and what suits the client and process best.

• Wall Painting

In most cases, we brush and roll your wall surfaces. If the home or building is being painted one sheen and one color, we will most likely spray the walls and ceilings at the same time and back-roll during the process. We use fine roller naps on smooth wall surfaces to ensure an even texture application. We tend to use standard-sized roller naps on orange peel textured walls for proper coverage and efficiency.

Exterior Prep and Paint Process

Painting your home exterior is one of the best ways to upgrade your curb appeal and extend the life of your existing siding. Premier Painting, LLC has been upgrading Portland home exteriors for years, and we know the key features that make an exterior paint job stand out.

• Exterior Washing

Prior to any painting, priming, or surface prep, the home exterior will be pressure washed accordingly. This includes the faces of all gutters and downspouts. The type and condition of siding will determine the best way to wash your home. We make it a priority to be careful of all soffit vents, roof surfaces, and windows so we do not damage anything during the process.

• Masking

Masking and prep are two of the most important details when painting a home exterior. We make sure to cover all windows, plants, light fixtures, roof areas, brick, concrete, and surrounding items to ensure no overspray adheres to any unpainted surfaces. We usually ask that all cars are moved from the driveway to extend the distance from the areas being painted with a spray application.

• Prep Work

Any bubbling or peeling paint on the home exterior will be scraped accordingly. Any dry rot on the siding or trim will be addressed and repaired upon request.

• Priming

All barewood surfaces will be primed with an oil-based primer to ensure a proper surface for the latex paint to adhere to and will help block stains from bleeding through. In many cases, with older siding, we will apply another coat of primer called Peel Bond, which acts as a liquid caulking and helps seal those rougher areas not getting replaced.

• Caulking

After surface prep and priming, it’s essential that you caulk all open seams that need to be filled using an oil-based caulking. This ensures that when the siding expands and contracts throughout the year, the caulking will not be as susceptible to cracking and exposing previous joints. This also helps keep the exterior envelope sealed, minimizing unnecessary airflow and moisture intrusion.

• Paint Application

After all surface areas have been prepped, we apply two coats of premium exterior paint using a spray application on all siding surfaces and brush and roll two coats on all trim surfaces. This process can vary depending on the type of home and style of siding.

Considerations for Your Commercial Paint Project

  • We recognize that time is money for every business. That’s why we work with you to schedule painting outside of your business hours, utilize quick-drying paints, and coordinate with your team to ensure that critical areas are tackled first or last, depending on your needs.
  • Safety protocols are rigorously followed by our trained professionals, who make sure that all areas are properly secured before starting any project.
  • The visual representation of your brand is vital. That’s why we work hard to make sure the paint color and texture align with your brand and convey the right amount of elegance and professionalism. We provide a free consultation before work begins to ensure we understand your color needs in detail.

Why Choose Premier Painting, LLC?

Premier Painting, LLC is a vetted, local painting contractor serving the Greater Portland Metro Area. We know what we’re doing and have years of experience in commercial painting, including doing the proper finishes. We are proud of our timeliness and great attention to detail. We also know how to work with other subcontractors and adapt to new environments. The bottom line? We’re on time, we’re professional, and we’re ready to get the job done!

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